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Before completing the form, please read below:

Before you complete the form, we want to introduce you to the important concept of NAP Consistency (Name/Address /Phone) and explain why the accuracy of your business information we are collecting is so important to your online search results. 

What Is N.A.P. ?

Name/Address/Phone Consistency

When it comes to local businesses ranking in Google, the consistency of how your name, address and phone number appears across the entire internet is important.  Google wants to display local business information in which they have strong confidence with accurate data. If your business information is inconsistent across the internet, they read this data from other sites they crawl and begin to lose confidence with the data you show in your profile.  The lower their confidence in the data, the more challenging it is for you to rank well in Local Results (like the photo) Google compares the data in your Google Business Profile with other 3rd party directories and your website. 

The local search audit we will be conducting for you will include a section that focuses on your NAP consistency and will largely be based on the information you include in the form below.

We’ll be covering this subject in more detail during the second class of the “5 Star Review Mastery” course. 

Complete The Business Data

When adding your business description below, here are some tips we recommend:
  • Mention the primary business category
  • Add mentions of high value products / services
  • Specify a target location or service area
  • Include your value proposition
  • Include credibility signals such as awards or achievments, years in business, etc.

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