Making It Rain With The 3Rs -
Relationships, Reviews, Referrals

Learn the proven system and techniques that will shift your mindset towards how you grow your real estate agency.     

What you’ll learn:

Learn How To Build a Proven Referral Based System And Stop Depending Diluted/Shared Leads (or Chasing Cold Ones)




Are you losing at what should be your greatest source of closings?

Real estate professionals today are taught to chase transactions instead of focusing on what creates them.

They hunt for production instead of building world class relationships. Time and time again the National Association of Realtors shows that the majority of home buyers and sellers find their agent through word of mouth referral. And yet agents waste hundreds and thousands of dollars with third party companies buying leads that may or may not work.

The best type of transaction in the real estate industry is found inside the relationships of the people you have served at the highest level.

Expectations that have been communicated and executed between your business and the client is the absolute key.

Making it Rain with the 3 R’s will walk you through the process of building relationships, delivering a five star experience, and earning referrals for life.

Meet Our Experienced Presenters / Experts:

Jordan Freed

Jordan Freed is a Keller Williams MAPS Executive Coach who specializes in leadership development, team building, and system implementation. The average team Jordan coaches closes over 200 transactions per year, and earns around $2.1 million in GCI. In his career as a coach, Jordan has completed over 13,000 one on one coaching calls and has developed My Freed Life. My Freed Life is a full-day workshop aimed at helping people create freedom on three levels; inner, outer, and others.

Tony Baroni

Tony Baroni has been in Real Estate since 2005 and been with KW since 2007. Before starting his team in 2010 he worked as a listing specialist for a top team in Tampa Bay, Florida. When Tony started his team he decided he wants to create a team where his agents and team members can grow as big as they want to go within his organization. Tony is known for creating Mega Agents within his team with his top agents selling 130 & 131 homes last year alone with the leverage around them. His team delivers "The Promise" to his clients and covers the coast to coast of central Florida including all of Tampa Bay, St Petersburg, Clearwater, Orlando, Daytona Beach & Fort Myers and everywhere in between. His team has earned over 2225 + 5 star reviews and has sold 2500+ Homes in the past and about 65% of his business comes via referrals. Tony & his expansion director Mike Malcom has designed this class based on how they have built their business. Making it Rain with the 3 R's is: Relationships, Reviews, & Referrals is how Tony has built his team that sells over 400+ homes per year for over 130 Million + in real estate sales volume.

"Making It Rain" is the real estate professional’s
guide to earning referrals for life.
You'll learn:

How to set expectations with clients to earn more 5 Star Reviews and more referrals for lifetime

Quality of Leads > Quantity of Leads. Stop buying shared leads

Tony Baroni Team's proven system to get to over 2,225 5 Star Reviews

The best way to ensure you actually connect with your referred leads

How to discover who the influencers are in your database are and earn dozens of referrals

How to turn your satisfied customers into unpaid salespeople - and how to keep them referring customers

Why you want to make deposits into people’s lives before asking for withdrawals.

How to get your databse to want to call you (they call you vs. you calling them)

Frequently Asked Questiosn

Everyone who registers will have the opportunity to re-watch a recorded version of the webinar for a limited time after the live event.

Tony and Jordan have both agreed to have a 15 minute Q&A after the presentation. 

RE3 Consulting is partnership with Tony Baroni, Jordan Freed, Kevin Alvarez and Michael Barrett.  Our mission is to combine technology and training to help business leaders grow their organizations through the principles of Relationships, Reviews and Referrals.

R to P (Converting 5 Star Reviews to Profit)

The RE3 Mission Is To Move Education To Execution Through Technology and Training


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